How Not to Dress for a Night of Clubbing (2024)

How Not to Dress for a Night of Clubbing (1)

People who want to paint the town red in high-end nightclubs should always carefully consider dress code requirements beforehand. Clubs can sometimes be rather strict about attire standards, so don’t head out to go clubbing without knowing what you should and shouldn’t wear. While San Diego is a fairly casual city, it also happens to have a buzzing nightlife scene, and dressing for a fun night out will require some basic knowledge of what’s appropriate, especially in the trendy Gaslamp nightclubs. If you’re planning on enjoying a night of clubbing, you should first make sure you dress the part, so heed the following advice about what you shouldn’t wear.

Rules for Men

Guys need to sport a clean, fresh look. Prestigious nightclubs often encourage guests to dress fashionably. That means they typically frown on sports shirts, hoodies, worn-out t-shirts, and shorts. If you look like you can star in your own rap video, go back to your closet and start over. Jeans are usually acceptable as long as they’re not overly baggy or look like they’ve seen better days.

Men should also pay attention to footwear. Flip-flops and athletic shoes are typically a no-no. However, relatively formal shoes with closed toes are recommended for males.

Men who visit nightclubs can’t go wrong with dress shoes, dress slacks, sport coats, fitted jeans, and collared dress shirts with button fronts. Sportswear isn’t typically a good idea. Male clubbers should refrain from wearing sneakers, jerseys, track jackets, hats, and the like.

Rules for Women

Women have a lot of leeway with what they can wear at most clubs, but ladies who want to look fashionable while clubbing should go the extra mile to dress with sophistication and style in mind. They should look neat and put together. Grungy looks are always a no-go for women. Dress codes at many upmarket nightclubs stress the importance of tasteful elegance in both attire and footwear.A chic dress that isn’t excessively provocative will make a great choice for fun-loving gals.

You’ll want to skip beach attire, which means no bikinis, bathing suits, flip flops, or sandals. Dresses can be somewhat fancy or completely casual. As long as you wear something sexy but not trashy, you’ll be abiding by the dress code. Some clubs also prohibit wearing exposed jewelry.

While it’s not a rule, you might want to keep a pair of comfy shoes in your bag if you’re going to wear high heels and plan to be walking from one club to the next throughout the night.

Rules for Everyone

Days in beautiful San Diego are often breezy and casual. However, the club scene isn’t the place to dress down. People who want to look effortlessly fashionable while clubbing in the city should stay far away from apparel, footwear, and accessories that scream “casual.” Baggy, torn, and obviously worn-out clothing are prime examples of casual clothing that’s generally not considered to be appropriate for upscale San Diego nightclubs.

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How Not to Dress for a Night of Clubbing (2024)


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