How Did Georgia Tech Prospects Perform At Under Armour Camp Nashville Last Weekend? (2024)

Lipscomb Academy (TN) Safety Chris (CJ)-Jimcoily has great athleticism at the defensive back spot and showcased that on Sunday. He also has a really good IQ. You can tell that he studies the game and has a great feel for it. is long and has really good footwork and was good in coverage throughout the day. The Lipscomb Academy safety has nearly 40 offers and is a heavily coveted prospect in the 2025 class.

Brentwood Academy (TN) DB Shavar Young-It was a good afternoon for Shavar Young who competed well on Sunday. During the defensive back drills, the Brentwood Academy star showed great footwork and moved well throughout the drills. On Sunday, Young was asked to guard a plethora of routes including the go ball, corner route, and the dig. On the dig route, Young was guarding a bigger tight end but was physical with him during the route and played the ball beautifully getting a pass breakup. Perhaps his most impressive 1 on 1, was when he was going against four-star WR Corey Simms, who won WR MVP at the camp. Simms got the initial step on Young creating separation at the top of the route, but Young recovered well getting back in phase with Simms getting his head turned around at the right time and deflecting the ball in the air. The Tennessee native also had an impressive interception where he ran the route for the wide receiver and picked it off. Young is another prospect who has upside at the defensive back position and holds 20+ offers. He picked up an offer from the Yellow Jackets last April.

Christian Brothers (MO) EDGE Triston Abram-If you want to talk about an impressive performance, look no than Triston Abram. Abram showed his skills and looked good throughout the defensive line drills, moving with great pace and speed. The 1 on 1s is when he caught a lot of people’s eyes. While other defensive linemen struggled, Abram was able to display some of his pass-rushing repertoire. The 6’4 225 pound EDGE used spin moves, dips, quickness, and great hands throughout the reps. He won the majority of the reps and gave lineman trouble throughout. His performance earned him the defensive line MVP at the camp by the staffers. Abram is a very talented prospect and a problem off the edge.

Winona High School (MS) LB Tyler Lockhart-Lockhart had a good day in Tennessee last Sunday. He really displayed his skills in the 1 on 1 drills against a deep running back class. The Mississippi native possesses good lateral agility and showed that he can cover well 1 on 1. He can stay hip to the running back without restricting him or causing a penalty flag. Lockhart did a good job of being physical early the route and turning his head right as the ball came to deflect the pass. Lockhart can close quickly on routes whether it is a flat or a wheel route by a running back. The Winona High School linebacker has several impressive pass breakups and displayed his potential to be a great coverage linebacker. Lockhart visited Georgia Tech back in January.

Highland Home (AL) DL CJ May-May tested really well in the combine drills showing off a very impressive 40-yard dash time. He showed great top-line speed and looked the part throughout defensive line drills. I think what is most exciting about May is that he is the kind of player the defensive coordinator can use all over the field at the next level. May flashed in 1 on 1s winning multiple reps on the day. The former Notre Dame commit picked up an offer from the Yellow Jackets in September, and his recruiting remains open after he decommitted in February.

Brentwood Academy (TN) WR Kolbe Harmon-The multisport athlete showed he can win 1-on-1s and can take contact at the catch point and still be able to reel it in against physical defensive backs. He did it on Sunday coming up with impressive catch. Instead of waiting for the ball to hit his hands, he skied for the football and used his strong hands. The defender tried to swipe the ball away but Harmon was able to secure it and keep it away. Harmon showed his athleticism and twitchiness as a receiver in Nashville. Harmon holds 20+ offers and is a standout track athlete Brentwood Academy. He picked up an offer from the Yellow Jackets in January.

St. Louis University (MO) ATH/TE Landon Pace-I didn’t get a chance to see Landon Pace at the Under Armour Camp Series in Nashville, but thought it was worth noting that Pace has been on campus twice in the last four months. At the moment it seems like it is a two-horse race between Georgia Tech and Ohio State for the standout tight end. Pace left with an offer from Georgia Tech back in January. The rising senior currently holds 14 offers.

Hartfield Academy (MS) DB Bralan Womack-It’s probably time to change the position of Bralan Womack to ATH because that is what he was on Sunday. Womack is just elite on both sides of the field. He is great in coverage and has phenomenal ball skills. He moves really well and was one of the most polished defensive backs last weekend. The Hartfield Academy star even showed that he can go up against high-end defensive backs and torch them in coverage at wide receiver. Womack is just one of those special talents that makes your program better. His performance was nothing short of spectacular. The Under Armour staff awarded Womack with a Future 50 invite to a camp that will take place in Orlando

How Did Georgia Tech Prospects Perform At Under Armour Camp Nashville Last Weekend? (2024)


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